Best Dog Calming Bed in Australia for Anxious, Restless Pups

Best Dog Calming Bed in Australia for Anxious, Restless Pups

Anxious dogs need all the love and support we can give them. Anxiety can really make life difficult for dogs. It can cause them to bark more, regress on their potty training, and even turn to destructive behaviour. It’s important to find ways to help your dog overcome their anxiety, so they can play, socialise with other dogs, and just relax happily by your side. 

So, how do you calm down an anxious dog? The right bed can make a huge difference to your dog’s mood and comfort. In this article, we’ll discuss why a calming dog bed helps quell your dog’s anxiety. We’ll also introduce you to the best calming dog bed in Australia. It’s right here, waiting to be discovered! 

Here’s What a Difference the Best Dog Calming Bed in Australia Can Make for Pet Parents…

You might think that all dog beds are pretty much the same, but that’s far from the truth. The best calming dog bed Australia has to offer makes a huge difference in not only how your dog sleeps, but also how they feel. Let’s take a look at what the best dog calming bed in Australia can do for you and your pup. 

Better Sleep For You and Your Pet

Just like us, dogs need to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed to fall asleep. The best calming dog bed Australia has is specifically designed with a raised rim on the back, so that your dog feels secure and safe enough to fall into a deep slumber. It’s also made of snuggly, soft fabric that your dog will love to lie on. 

Peace of Mind When You Leave Them Home Alone

Leaving your dog at home when you’re away is stressful, even if you’re just running a quick errand. Whether you crate your dog when you’re gone or not, you never really know how your dog is feeling or whether they’re anxious about being alone. A calming bed not only soothes your dog, but it allows you to relax as well, knowing that your dog is safe and calm when you can’t be there. 

Help Your Dog Fend Off Joint Pain From Laying on the Floor

The best calming dog bed Australia has is also ergonomically designed for your dog’s comfort and to protect their joints. Dog joint care is so important, as many dogs experience joint issues as they age. These can have serious effects on your dog’s ability to chase a ball, climb stairs, or even just walk. If you’re wondering how to help a dog with arthritis or other joint issues, a comfortable bed can make a big difference. 

What Separates the Best Calming Dog Bed in Australia From the Rest?

So, what makes the best calming dog bed Australia has ever seen so special? Let’s take a look at what you can expect. 

Quality Materials and Construction That Offer Comfort & Stand the Test of Time

Dog beds are an investment, and they need to be able to stand the test of time. Even a well-behaved dog will occasionally drag their bed around, and some dogs will try to rip their bed entirely to shreds! The best calming dog bed Australia has needs to be able to hold up to wear and tear, and be well-made from quality materials that can handle sharp teeth and claws. 

Innovative Features for Calming and Comfort

For dogs to fall asleep, they need to feel comfortable and calm. The best dog calming bed in Australia is designed with an oversized rim that makes your pup feel like they are snuggling up next to another dog. It also has a super-soft faux fur fabric that calms your dog down and helps them relax enough to get a restful slumber. 

Size and Style Options for Every Dog

If a bed is too big or too small, you’ll quickly find that your dog won’t sleep in it. Dogs need an ergonomically-designed bed that’s the right size for them, to protect their joints and keep them comfortable while they’re sleeping. The best dog calming bed Australia has is designed with different size and style options, to cater for even the fussiest of dogs.

Easy to Clean

Your clothes, your couch, your floors, your car - when you’re a dog owner, everything gets covered in fur. It’s important to have furniture that’s easy to clean, and your dog’s bed should be no different. The best dog calming bed in Australia has a machine-washable cover, which means it takes no time at all to clean your dog’s bed and get it back to looking new. What’s more, the water-resistant bottom helps protect your floors and carpets from damage. 

Versatile Use on the Couch, on the Floor, or Anywhere in Between

Your dog doesn’t want to sleep in the same place every night, and might also want to use their bed during the day on the floor, the couch, in their crate, or even in the car. It’s important to have a bed you (or your dog) can easily move around depending on where they want to sleep. 

The best dog calming bed in Australia is cleverly designed to keep your pup comfortable, wherever they’re sleeping. With an anti-slip bottom, it won’t slide on your floor or fall off your couch. See? We thought of everything!

So, What is the Best Dog Calming Bed in Australia? Introducing Mighty Munch!

It’s finally time to introduce you to the best dog calming bed in Australia - Mighty Munch! Let’s take a look at why a Mighty Munch calming dog bed is the smartest investment you can make for your dog.

What Makes Our Calming Dog Bed so Special?

At Mighty Munch, we’ve designed this bed to be the most relaxing, comfortable place for your dog to sleep or rest. Everything from the design to the fabrics used has been carefully chosen to ensure your pup will snuggle into this bed as you’ve never seen before. 

The oversized rim of the bed helps your dog feel secure, and with furry fabric that couldn’t be any softer, your pup is guaranteed a comfortable, snuggly sleep. As well as keeping your dog comfortable and safe, your dog bed needs to be easy to clean. We’ve designed this bed to be the most convenient ever, with a machine-washable cover that can be removed and re-attached in seconds. 

We pride ourselves on the Mighty Munch name and only use high-quality materials that will truly stand the test of time. While cheaper beds start to fall apart almost immediately, our beds are carefully made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

We also understand that the final decision lies with your dog, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to arrange returns or free exchanges on our website. Our beds ship directly from our Sydney warehouse, which makes our Australia-wide shipping fast and free. It’s never been easier to get your hands on the best dog calming bed in Australia! 

Why Other Pet Parents Love Our Dog Calming Bed

You and your pet are going to love your new calming dog bed - and you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what other pet parents had to say after seeing what a difference our dog calming bed made in their lives:

“My Sophie loved it as soon as I put it on the floor. Great buy 👌” - Carrie

“My dog seems happier and less stressed. this is an amazing product, thank you again” - Pamela

“Sooooo soft! My pup loves this, he keeps biting it when I try to take him away haha” - Stacey

We can’t wait to hear how much your pup loves their new bed by Mighty Munch. But - these beds are just the tip of the ice berg here in our online storefront.

We Have Other Products to Help You Be the Best Dog Parent Possible 

Of course, there’s a lot more to looking after your dog than making sure they’re sleeping calmly. At Mighty Munch, we don’t stop at dog beds. We also offer the best dog supplements in Australia, to help you keep your dog healthy and happy. We have the best joint supplement for dogs, which is perfect for dogs with joint issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia. 

You can also use dog joint supplements to protect your dog’s joints from these conditions and ensure they’re able to run, walk, and jump on you, free of pain. To improve your dog’s skin and coat, try our top-rated collagen for dogs. You’ll soon notice that your dog’s coat is smoother and shinier than ever. All you need to do is sprinkle it over your dog’s regular food - too easy!

Probiotics are an essential part of any dog’s diet, and our dog probiotics are the best available. Your dog needs the best dog probiotics for a healthy digestive system, an immune boost, and to help reduce their anxiety levels. Wondering what age to give a dog probiotics? It’s never too early to start your dog on these essential supplements. Get yours from Mighty Munch to keep your dog healthier than ever. 

Get the Best Calming Dog Bed in Australia Today!

A calming bed makes all the difference when it comes to your dog’s overall health. By reducing anxiety and keeping your dog calm, they’ll be able to enjoy each day by your side. Not only will your pup sleep soundly at night, but you’ll be able to relax knowing that they are calm and comfortable, even when you’re not at home. 

At Mighty Munch, our calming dog bed isn’t just the most comfortable option for your dog, with plush padding and the softest faux fur imaginable. It’s also the most convenient choice for you, with a machine-washable cover and waterproof base to protect your surfaces. 

See why our bed is the #1 calming dog bed in Australia - get yours from Mighty Munch today!

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