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Dog Probiotics
Jacqueline S.
Totally amazing product

Tried many others, MightyMunch is the best ever and it certainly stopped her itching and biting

No more chewed paws

Since I started giving him probiotics, my pup has gone from constantly chewing his paws to now hardly ever chewing. Even reduced his many vet visits too.

Dog probiotics

I have only received the probiotics three days ago, so so far I haven’t noticed any difference, hopefully that that will change over time.

I am impressed with the product and starting to see results but for a purchase for 99.99 it is very disappointing. It is a 90 gram bag.

happy dog

even that dog trying product seems to be working

Pleasantly surprised

My 8 year old cavidor recently started to show sign of arthritis. Limping or slight yelps of pain after walks or play dates. The vet suggested looking at giving her injections.
I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this supplement first before jumping straight to injections. Since including mighty munch in her breakfast we’ve seen such an amazing difference. We’ll definitely be continuing with it

Dog Probiotics
Judithann S.
Mighty munch

I'm happy with my purchase have noticed dogs have more energy both staffies one with skin issues so far so good

I think it’s too early to tell it hasn’t been a month

Dental Care

Has worked well.

He has only been on it 2 weeks, we have not seen any sign of improvement yet.


Early days only just started to use it.



Definitely An Improvement is his Mobility

Sam was slow and awkward in his movements. We are unsure if he was in pain. But with in a week of using this on his meal we could see an improvement ♥️

Dog Probiotics
Damian P.
good result with my dogs gut health

My dog has only had mighty munch probiotics for about 3 weeks and her gastic problems such as flatulence has reduced by over half from the [ast year. She has alsos topped trying to eat grass. This has given her visible relief as she looks happier. She is also a diabetic and i have noticed the relief mighty munch has given her,

Dog Probiotics
Karen J.
Probiotic Review

We purchased Mighty Munch Probiotics for our Rhodesian Ridgeback. We are extremely happy we have found this product! Despite seeming to be healthy on a “high quality” commercial dry feed plus additional salmon, sardines, chicken necks & assorted veggies, he had lost interest in his food, also he had developed a rough dull coat & he was scratching his ears & licking more often than normal. We were concerned he had an intolerance for his kibble which contains grain. After researching products that could help we decided Mighty Munch Probiotics were a great fit. We are so happy we started the probiotics, they are providing great support to his gut health. No longer scratching his ears or licking all the time, coat is shining & soft again & he is back to enjoying his food! We are so glad we now have this product to support our boys good health. We find purchasing a 3mth supply to be cost effective & saves packaging, reordering & post. Mighty Munch website, ordering & dispatch are very efficient & customer service is readily available. Five stars, 10/10 for this product!

Works great

But now scratching his body and not his ears

Dog Probiotics
Deborah B.
Great results in a short amount of time

So far so good. We have been using Mighty Munch for two weeks now and have noticed a significant change in the colour of my Bichon’s feet. They were very discoloured by the licking and chewing constantly. She has now stopped this - so really happy.

Dog Probiotics (Promo)


I have definitely noticed my dog not chewing and licking her paws

Instant Improvement

Got this to assist my NZ Huntaway with a recurring tendon issue and within 2 days the limp had subsided and since then he has become more and more confident on the leg - very pleased and happy to recommend.

Product was delivered quickly. Product did what it claimed to do. What more could you ask for. Thank you

I need to order a big one

Good stuff

Maxi a Maltese X (our little fur baby) has at times for the last 7 years has been chewing her paws and scratching. After a week on the Probiotics she has almost stopped. Great stuff

Mighty Munch

It has stopped my little dog from sickin up after just a couple of days

Breath refresh

Has definitely freshened the breath. Too early to tell about reduction in plaque. Have gone through it quickly though with three dogs. They have been drinking it without a fuss.

To early to tell.


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