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Dog Probiotics

Bit hard to see any improvement as he has only been on for 23 days nearly finished the pack due to being such a large dog works out to be quiet expensive when you have a 46 kilo dog but happy to pay if he improves will continue as I want to improve his gut health.

So far it seem good

I bought the dog probiotic to help with my dog from chewing her feet , so far she doesn’t seem like she is chewing as much but it’s only early days yet . Thanks for being so promp in sending product out .

Joint Meal Topper
Amazing Stuff

Omg my 12yr old Mini Schnauzer is jumping up on to the lounge, racing around the back yard chasing her 6yr old sister like she is the same age as her!

Dog Probiotics
linda m.

I was a bit sceptical when I purchased this product, but had to do something as my dog was consistently licking his paws and eating grass. It is working as the eating grass has stopped and the licking is very minimal. Thankyou Mighty Munch

Dog Probiotics
Mrs J.L.W.

Millie is scratching less and her smell has improved.

Dog Probiotics
Bonnita P.

Dog Probiotics


It seems to have helped our Maltese shitzu stop scratching so much


Mighty munch is great product my 2 poodles seem healthier for having it..rommy still licking his paws..I have used half's cheaper to buy 3 pkts..long term topper will help him.

Dog Probiotics
Adrienne I.
My dogs love it and are so much healthier

Especially my white cattle dog had a ton of allergies the vets couldnt understand or adequately treat and my dog Chilli would periodically at 2am insidt on goingnout side and then spe 2 hrs eating grass as fast as she could. All this has stopped since the probiotics which is why I am now a regular purchaser

12 year old dog

Having been adding the solution to my dog’s water for about two weeks, as yet there doesn’t seem to be any difference - I expect it to take longer than that to help clean his teeth, but he still has very smelly breath.

Dog Probiotics

This an almost immediate effect as my dog was having stomach problems and within 3 or 4 days she improved "out of sight"

Very happy

I’m very happy with results, I work in pharmacy and have long been a believer of the benefits of pro biotic

Great product dog loves it but very expensive if u r on a pension

Still hopeful

Great service, fast delivery. Still waiting to see some improvement in my two dogs constantly licking their paws. We’re just at the start of week 4 so early days I guess. I’ll keep going and keep hopeful as I purchased 5 packs

Dog Probiotics
Jackie D.

Dog Probiotics

Dog Probiotics
Colin H.
Professional and friendly company

From the third dose I noticed a marked improvement in my dogs belly.I am so happy with the results I have told my family and friends to try your company.Your service and delivery are first rate,keep up the great work.

Dental Care
Betty W.
Pet Dental Care

I love it, my little dog's teeth are so healthy. Rusty is a rescue dog and he is not young. We've been together for nearly 3 wonderful years and he has been on Pet Dental Care for the whole time and hasn't had to have any work done on his teeth and gums.


Our Staffy, has always had skin issues - licking and biting paws and scratching ears and bad breath. This stopped within a week of taking Mighty Munch meal topper. So easy to sprinkle on to food. Her water intake has also increased, coat is shiny, her breath is so much better. Highly recommend for dogs that have any of the issues we did.

Dental Care
Alison O.
Awesome Results Happy Rescue Puppa

Hi Team Mighty Munch
I am so pleased that I decided to purchase the Dental care product from you, already a user of the probiotics meal topper, and I can vouch for both these amazing products.
My rescue Kelpie boy has had a rough time and his condition was dull and generally was unwell and unhappy. Initially we changed his diet to a scoop of dry kibble in the morning and a measured amount of cooked proteins and vegetables in the evening as suggested by our nature vet practitioners. This was great to see him pick up and also settled him into a good routine of nutrition however something was lacking. His skin was itchy and in patches red, probiotics to the rescue and within weeks he was happy and no itching and redness was eliminated
happy puppa happy mumma
Next was the teeth n breath issue, so being as impressed with your gut product I decided to go for the dental liquid in his water and oh my gosh what a huge difference, he is a 6 yr old with pearly white teeth and the freshest no smell doggy breath ever.
Your products are absolutely fabulous and I’m sticking with Mighty Munch for the health of my rescue puppa, now living his best life.
Thanks so much

Joint meal topper

I have a 14 year old pug whose back hips suffer arthritis, she Has been on regular medication but since beginning Mighty munch as well she has had a new lease on life. She is moving better, more energetic and her coat has softened remarkably. Will be continuing with this formula.

Dental Care
Kim M.
Mighty Munch

Have had Mighty Munch for my Greyhound for 2 deliveries. Greyhounds are so neglected on teeth. Went to vet for usual vacs, said about Mighty Munch, vet only said 'have teeth cleaned, continue with Mighty Munch & just use toothbrush ' for back teeth as a preventative. This is my 2nd grey. Thank you.

Dog Probiotics
Vince F.
My bulldogs skin fix

My British bulldog was losing hair I patches. We are now on the second pkt of mighty munch and her hair issue is almost gone. Thanks Mighty Munch.

Tried the Mighty Munch Probiotic Meal Topper.

We have been giving Mickie the Probiotic meal topper for several months now.
A great improvement to his health.

Dog Probiotics
Annie P.
So far so good

I am really hopeful that we have struck gold. Rusty isn't scratching as much since he has been on this.

Dog Probiotics
Diane F.

I have noticed a huge change in my dogs eating grass and my little cavvie has far less runny poo


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