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A lot of the problems pet owners mistake for isolated issues can actually be larger symptoms of an imbalance in the microbiome. In other words, good health starts in the gut. Our meal topper is specially formulated to restore gut health in as little as two weeks. Here are just a few of the problems it treats:

1. Excessive Itching

A bacterial imbalance in the gut quickly affects the bloodstream, throwing the whole body out of whack. It doesn’t take long for this problem to surface as incredibly painful skin flaking and sores. These dry and sometimes bloody spots only get worse with constant scratching, and yet anti-itch creams and shampoos offer only temporary relief. The best dog probiotics will treat the problem from within and keep the itch from returning. That’s exactly what Mighty Munch Probiotic Meal Topper will do for you!

2. Frequent Diarrhea

Bacterial imbalances in the gut can impact your dog's ability to naturally digest food, leading to frequent and uncomfortable bouts of diarrhea. Many pet owners have tried to fix this by switching diets, but without the right bacteria in the gut, even fiber-rich foods can be difficult to properly digest. However, our supplement is packed with probiotics that promote healthy digestion. These “good bacteria” don’t just pass through the body thanks to our probiotic meal topper, good bacteria stay in the gut to help properly digest the food that follows.

3. Unsafe Bacteria Buildup

Without a proper supplement to regulate it, bad bacteria can start building up in the small intestine. This is called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO. It's a problem that can lead to a host of health-threatening problems, including food intolerances and allergies, weight issues, and more. Mighty Munch Probiotic Meal Topper For Dogs includes millions of the “good” bacteria that can help fight back against this imbalance, restoring the digestive system to its happy, natural state.