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Dental Care
Helen G.
Dental care made easy

Easy to use and keeps tartar away. Breath smells lovely.

No more $$$ on antibiotics!

I was taking my pups to the vets at least twice a year for yeasty ears (subtropical climate and floppy ears aren’t a great combo). Vet visits plus medication = $$$, not to mention any pain my pups may have been in. MM probiotics have helped A LOT with this - no more stinky yeast ears.

Better breath

Our dogs have better breath since I’ve been adding a little Dental Care into their water 💦

Great product as it’s natural.

Love that it’s an Australian product and all natural 💖
Have only been 2 weeks using on our Staffie for stratching , but haven’t seen any improvement as yet, but it’s still early stages 😃

Dog Probiotics - Meal Topper for Dogs

My little fat friend has change quite dramatically- his skin has improved, no more scaley spots, solid poos- that was something we noticed straight away. Each meal gets gobbled down and his general disposition has changed to a very happy dog rather than a miserable, no energy dog.


My dog has stop itching as much as he was before. Wonderful product


Have started the probiotic on my itchy Groodle and will see how we progress

Fabulous wash

I thought it might be too good to be true but truly the first wash of our Smelly Boxers bed was amazing. No dog smell, great wash.

Added some years for my big girl

I would give this more stars if i could. Before Christmas our bullmastif x was struggling with her advanced arthritis, we were very close to thinking we had to say goodbye to her. Now she is on the MM joint powder and recently probiotic, she's so much happier and her mobility has improved 10 fold. It did take about 4 weeks to show any improvement, but now she is doing so well and no longer needs her painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Very good thank you 🙏

I’m happy with all my products I buy from you😎🙏

Dog Probiotics
Leisa B.
Probiotic powder is excellent

Excellent product cleared my American bulldogs rash and my cavoodles ears have never been better highly recommend

Dog Probiotics

I can’t believe how well this product works it’s amazing

Best thing every

Our old dog thinks she a puppy again might munch has given her a new lease on life wish I found out about earlier

Dog Probiotics (NZ)

Dog Probiotics
Teresa W.
Happy dog, happy family

I am so happy with how my old girl has responded to Mighty Munch Probiotics - no more brown paws, no incessant chewing and licking just happy to lay in the sun. Couldn’t ask for a better result!


SinceOlies been on the probiotic he has stopped chewing his feet, and getting rash on his underbelly.
He is going great now.! Into second month of using this product. THANKYOU.

Dental Care
Kate A.
Totally worth it

This product is totally worth the investment. So easy to and hassle free to add to your fur baby’s daily drinking water. I’ve noticed a difference in my dachshund cross boys teeth and breath Happy to continue using this for more positive results and highly recommend this product and company.

My dog is on probiotics. There is an improvement with his itchiness.

Joint Meal Topper (Promo)

Awesome product

My little doggie was scratching and biting his skin and was off his food some of the time. This product has worked a dream, thank you!

Dog Probiotics
Maureen H.
Mighty Munch Dog Probiotics

I ran out for a week and I could certainly see the difference that the dog probiotics do make. Very happy with the results

Too early

Only received product this week so will give fees back in couple months when we see a change

So far so good

Been 3 weeks and the change is obvious