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It is working!

I have noticed a big difference in my dog chewing her front paws since using
Dog Probiotics.

Dog Probiotics

Found this product great it stopped our wee dog from eating grass


Breath improved in less than a week and can see improvement in the colour of her teeth

Great product!!!

My dog has knee issues and this Joint supplement is helping along with the probiotics for his gut health. We just started these products a month ago and I am seeing a slight improvement. 👍 Keep healing!!

Dog Probiotics

Works well for my dog

Dental Care (Promo)

Dog Probiotics
Abbie D.
I was skeptical but...

Mighty Much does seem to be working. We have used Mighty Munch probiotic on our Corgi Lola's food for around 3 months now and have noticed a big difference in her red itchy skin. She does still scratch but way less than before and the appearance of the skin is more pink than angry red as it was prior to using the probiotic. We also put her on a higher quality vet dog food (for weight loss) at the same time and both these things combined she is a much happier dog, more energy, less itching, she is running around like a puppy again.

Dental Care
Andrew B.
Teeth and gums

Showed a big improvement within 14 days.. still going 3 weeks later and noticing better gums all the time

Dog Probiotics
Corinne M.
Meal Topper Probiotic

We have been doing the meal topper for about 2 weeks , so far doing really well for our French Bulldog who was licking her paws, scratching and has allergies . So happy with the results Thank Mighty Munch😀

Fresh breath and clean teeth

So very happy with the dental care…my picky Schnauzer drank it straight away and within the first two weeks I have noticed her breath is fresher and her teeth are cleaner…very happy with this product

Has been good for my dog breath so far

Dog Probiotics (Promo)

My Puggy loves the taste but we are still in our first packet so it’s too early to tell.

Dog Probiotics
Julien D.
Mac demarco loves probiotics

Mac is a tripawd (3 legged dog) German shorthair pointer and struggled with yeast infections our vet suggested to take this and after 20 days of him being on it he has stopped scratching and is sleeping much better and his much better 💤🐾🐕😊

After 9 days..i can see a difference in Buddy.

He is lifting the leg to wee. Hasn't done that for a long while. Standing up the other day he lifted a rear leg to give his side a scratch. I can't remember the last time I saw him do that. So very happy so far. He has arthritis, he is obese as I'm not well and can't walk him. This product works..

Great product

My 11 yrs old cavoodle loves it and she seems to be not having any tummy problem since she started taking it. THank you for the grest product x

Dental Care
Marie D.
Dental care

Excellent product I have used this with 4 of my dogs and it works saving me money on vet bills

It seemed to work at first then not. Still trying to figure if this is a diet issue or what

Dog Probiotics
Thelma N.
No more wae infection

Since being on Might Munch Probiotics we haven’t had any more ear infections. Also between the probiotic and using bottle water to drink we haven’t had orange stain. It has also helped his stomach problems as he has sensitive stomach and can only eat salmon products. He is happier on MM probiotics

Beasts trial

I have been working away so our dog Beast has only really had a short time trying this product. So far he has been chewing less on his feet & less scratching. It has not stopped completely as he has been on this product less than a week. So far very happy with this outcome.


I am waiting for my second order. I do believe it is helping but only short term yet. Want to give it a month. Only got the one initially to make sure it didn’t upset her sensitive stomach. Looking forward to getting a longer course going.


We haven't seen any change yet, but he has only been having the powder for 2 weeks at the moment. Thanks

Dog Probiotics
Amanda C.

So far so good no itching

Dental Care
Andrea t.
Dental care

Product arrived very quickly. To early to see if it works. My only problem is the ad says a couple of drops a day, the bottle says 2 tablespoons per 500 ml. I have a big dog so need a big water bowl that holds 3 litres, so that’s at least 6 tablespoons. The three bottles I purchased won’t be going far at all. Maybe a month if I’m lucky. The upside the cats are drinking the water too so hopefully it’s cleaning their teeth as well

My 10 year old shepherd seems to be moving a lot better.